Human Rights Watch released a report on Saturday that substantiates many Zimbabwean’s claims of beatings and torture by members of ZANU PF. Georgette Gagnon, HRW’s Africa Director commented, 

ZANU-PF members are setting up torture camps to systematically target, beat, and torture people suspected of having voted for the MDC in last month’s elections. 

According to the report, Human Rights Watch has interviewed more than thirty people in the last two days, who have sustained serious injuries from beatings. The report contends that those targeted for attack are rounded up at night, brought to informal detention centers, and beaten for hours with wooden sticks and army batons. 

The report goes on to state:

ZANU-PF officials are calling the crackdown Operation Makavhoterapapi, or “Where did you put your cross?” There seem to be two aims to this organized violence: to punish people for having voted for the MDC and to intimidate them to vote for ZANU-PF if there is a presidential run-off. 

At least a respected agency is documenting the human rights abuses, since nothing is being done to stop them from happening.