Just when you think it would be impossible for reality television to get any trashier, writers and producers manage to take it to the next level. And that level is called My Super Sweet Sixteen-Exiled. The show is the sequel to MTV’s My Super Sweet Sixteen, a raunch-fest that revels in the outrageous behavior of super-rich teens. A typical episode follows a wealthy adolescent as she and her family plan an incredibly over-the-top sixteenth birthday party. Drama inevitably creeps onto the scene when a certain rap artist can’t be booked for the after-party or the parents aren’t sure they want to shell out for a fully loaded BMW. 

Exiled hasn’t premiered yet, but a preview appeared on MTV last night. What I saw in the preview lacked any semblance of taste. Some of the girls from the original Sweet Sixteen series are now being ‘exiled’ to ‘remote’ regions of the globe by their parents. They will be filmed as they live with rural host families, and struggle to adjust to a lifestyle that is typical for most members of the human race.

The girls are being exiled by their parents under the guise of a caring attempt to teach them to appreciate the wealth and opportunity they take for granted. In reality, these forays into the global south are just reality television’s latest attempt to exploit truly poor people, and use them as the backdrop for wealthy people’s adventures in introspection. I could only cringe and ball my fists as I watched one girl moan as she was told she would be living in Kenya with the cattle herding Maasai tribe.  

A preview of the series can be viewed at the linked website above (I’m having trouble embedding). I urge everyone to show MTV what they think and opt out of this series.