A stroke of genius has occurred, and the good people at the UN World Food Program and Harvard University have created a vocabulary game that not only tests your intelligence, but for each question answered correctly, donates 20 grains of rice to help end hunger (the site pays for itself through ad revenue)! The game is called FreeRice, and it has proven immensely popular since it launched in October of 2007.  Since then, the site has donated more than 40 billion grains of rice and fed more than 1 million hungry people. 


You can’t go wrong with FreeRice, unless of course you forget to look away from your computer screen, and develop bloodshot eyes and a severe hand tremor. It’s a price I’m willing to pay to know that I probably donated at least one 35 kg bag of rice ( not to mention exponentially increased my vocabulary) in my marathon session last night. 

Also, mad props to the people at WFP and Harvard. They have raised the bar for everyone in the field of development fundraising.